Screen Printing:

I am located in the Twin Cities. If you need screen printing services please reach me at the number or email listed below. With the Relocation I am currently ONLY DOING 2 COLOR jobs.

We don’t make our T-shirts with the low quality heat press process. Your T-shirts will be made with a manual Screen Printing process where actual ink is applied to the shirt. The cost per shirt depends on the color of the shirt; the number of colors in the artwork; the number of print locations and quantity of shirts ordered.

  • after speaking with you and determining the costs
  • I then get your image/artwork
  • all artwork is required to be high resolution and in one of the following formats, .jpg, .eps, .png, .psd or .pdf
  • I print the image to a film
  • then burn the image onto a screen
  • multiple screens may be needed depending on the number of colors in your artwork
  • once the image is burned to screen I get ready to print.
  • turnaround time on all jobs quoted is 2 weeks although I push to finish all jobs early



Most screen printers use Plastisol Inks or others. Plastisol ink is made from PVC, a type of plastic that is durable and long lasting when applied to T-shirts. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Plastisol but I use water-based inks.

Plastisol has a harder to the touch feel on the finished product.

Water-based inks have a much softer to the touch feel on the finished product. So it feels more like your rubbing your fingers across the cotton and not ink.

When it comes to ink for each job:

  • colors will not be exact as your artwork
  • I use water-based inks on every job
  • softer feel to the touch

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  1. Rebekah Bell says:

    I was wondering if I could get a quote on a prices for some t-shirts. My son Nile Patrick was born 11-27-09 with bilateral club foot. He receives treatment at the University of Iowa Hospitals. Every year they do a fundraiser/benefit for children and families affected with club foot. I am getting a group of my family and friends together to participate in this fundraiser. The one we are doing is their 10k/5k run/walk and the children’s run. We all want to wear matching t-shirts to show our support of my son. Whom I think is my miracle baby. We were thinking maybe neon yellow/ neon green t-shirts with “Running for Nile P” on the back. And possibly something on the left breast area dependong on costs. I would need between 20-30 tshirts. Trying to be as financially savvy as possible. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you kindly,
    Rebekah Bell
    Some information about club foot: It is the leading birth defect worldwide. It affects roughly 1in 1,0000 babies. Boys are affected 2x as often. The university of Iowa is currently doing a research project to determine if there is a genetic cause. If you have any questions for me or about club foot I would be more than happy to answer them.

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